RhinoLift Boat Lifts

Experience the Next Generation of Floating Boat Lifts.

When strength, stability, and durability matter most to your family choose the brand that sets the standard.

RhinoLift Front Mount

Failure is not an option. Every RhinoLift lift is forged with pride for superior stability and durability. Every component of the RhinoLift lift is marina-grade to withstand even the harshest of elements. A standard front walkway and optional side walkways provide you with safe, convenient access to your boat. Plus, with a standard First Mate control unit and optional remote, you can raise and lower your lift with the push of a button. Enjoy the peace of mind gained from trusting the industry’s leading manufacturers.
  • WELDED AND GALVANIZED steel frame for superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • MARINE-GRADE FASTENERS AND BUSHINGS provide quiet, lasting performance in nearly any waterfront conditions
  • RHINOHOIST TANKS are rotationally molded for durability and impact resistance
  • PREMIUM FIRST MATE® CONTROL UNITS available with or without a remote
  • NO STEEL IN THE WATER when the lift is in the up position to prevent corrosion and reduce maintenance

RhinoLift 6800# Front Mount lift on a Deep Creek Docks custom dock

RhinoLift L-Arm

There is no match for Rhino stability. Originally built to withstand the brutal Lake of the Ozarks marine environment, the RhinoLift® L-Arm Lift is now the preferred choice for those who want the ultimate in strength, durability and performance. Each lift is expertly welded and hot-dip galvanized to offer the highest level of protection, safety and convenience. Plus, the First Mate control unit allows you to raise and lower your lift with the push of a button. Put the strength and simplicity of a RhinoLift boat lift into your dock and lift system.
  • WELDED AND GALVANIZED frame for added strength and corrosion resistance.
  • HEAVY DUTY DOCK BRACKETS for added strength and durability.
    2.5″ GALVANIZED STEEL L-ARMS add to the overall lift strength and durability.
  • MARINE GRADE FASTENERS AND BUSHINGS for quiet, lasting performance.
  • ROTATIONALLY MOLDED LIFT TANKS provide an airtight tank and superior impact resistance.
  • NO STEEL IN THE WATER when lift is in up position to prevent corrosion and reduce maintenance.
RhinoLift 7200# L-Arm w/ custom bunks lift on a Deep Creek Docks custom dock.