All our dock pieces are underpinned with top quality ShoreMaster Flotation units. Shoremaster Flotation units are rotationally for a seamless one-piece construction that will remain watertight for years to come. They are filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) core and feature a 10-year manufacturer warranty against defects.

Flotation is the foundation of any floating dock structure. ShoreMaster floatation has provided the foundation for all types of floating docks from the best marinas to the smallest residential floating dock systems. All ShoreMaster floats are expanded polystyrene foam encased in a polyethylene shell so that they are resistant to the effects of sun and water and other pollutants such as oil and fuel. Give your floating dock system a solid foundation with floatation from ShoreMaster and you’ll have a structurally sound floating dock system for years to come.

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