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Our Promise: We Stand Behind Our Products

It is always good to know that once your dock is in the water, should there ever be problems, the manufacturer is nearby, and ready to provide the maintenance and repairs you might need. We’re happy to help you with these needs, whether they are warranty claims or other situations. At Deep Creek Docks we have a long-term commitment to living up to our reputation for building a superior product.

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Our pledge to you:

Deep Creek Docks Inc. — Limited Warranty Information

Limited Warranty. The company warrants the following to the original owner that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship as follows

Dock Frame: (Deep Creek Docks)

Aluminum structure and welds – 8 years (Residential and Commercial use) **Excludes all wear items such as hinge bolts, UHMW Bushings, UHMW Pipe Inserts, Vinyl Padding, Corners and Cleats.


  • STANDARD ShoreMaster Floats: Polyethylene structure and expanded polystyrene foam – 10 years (ShoreMaster) **Parts and Labor for 1 year just part after 1 year.


  • STANDARD Genovations Vinyl Only – Limited Lifetime, manufacturer defects (Genovations) **Labor only covered for 1 year
  • OPTIONAL Brock and DeckLOK – Limited Lifetime, manufacturer defects (Westech Building Products) **Warranty must be registered online by customer
    Wood decking has NO WARRANTY expressed or implied.


  • Canopy Vinyl/Fabric – 5 year prorated (ShoreMaster) **Labor only covered for 1 year (No Warranty on aluminum components through ShoreMaster) **Warranty must be registered online by customer
  • ShorePort – 8 years on Polyethylene structure (PolyDock Products) **Labor only covered for 1 year **Warranty must be registered online by customer
  • RhinoHoist Lift – 8 years on Rotationally Molded Tank, 5 Year on Galvanized Steel structural components (RhinoHoist) **Labor only covered for 3 years and

1 Year on FirstMate Controls. NO WARRANTY on Bushings, Hardware, Carpet, Wood and Chain.

  • Chair & Umbrella – 2 Years No Labor (ShoreMaster)
  • JIF Dock Ladder – 2 Year No Labor replacement against defects (JIF)
  • SunSetter Flagpole – 5 Year No Labor against defects and workmanship (Sunsetter)
  • TitanSTOR Dock Box – 10 Year No Labor manufacturer’s warranty on structure (OMP)
  • Solar Lights – 1 Year No Labor replacement against defects (Lake Lite Inc.)
  • All Wheel Kit Components – NO WARRANTY expressed or implied.

**Please note that the items listed above may have restrictions in their warranty due to different circumstance and uses. Please visit the manufacturers websites for more information about their particular warranties and to register for them as needed.

The company’s obligations and liabilities under this warranty are limited to, at its sole option, repair or replacing defective products or issuing a credit for such goods found by examination of the company to be defective under normal use and service. No warranty liability whatever shall be attached to the company until the purchase price of the products have been paid for in full and is limited to replacement amount of that purchase price that was paid.

Any further warranty must be in writing and signed by an officer of the company. Hardware or other components not originally manufactured by the company are warranted only by the original manufacturer. The company will extend such warranty to its customers where applicable and this warranty is not transferable or assignable.

The limited warranty does not cover damage caused by circumstances outside the reasonable control of the company, including but not limited to, improper use, installation or removal, overloading, accident, neglect or harmful alteration or repairs made by others, damage by snow or ice, electrolysis, corrosion, natural expansion or contraction of deck surfaces caused by weather conditions, severe weather conditions or acts of God.

Updated January 2018