Our Process


We are proud of our exclusive manufacturing process!


Our standard and custom docks feature an all welded construction. No bolts are utilized in our frames. Everything is MIG welded, meaning your Deep Creek Dock unit won’t work apart and won’t work loose.

Our 6-inch side frame with welded 4″x6″ ends, and 1.5″x2″ center cage all extruded from 6005 T-5 Marine grade aluminum results in a dock frame we are very comfortable in guaranteeing for 8 years. In addition to the welding process, all of our dock pieces are underpinned with top quality flotation units and topped off with a premium vinyl decking system or wood are also available. All of our bolts and hardware are made of stainless steel and brass so you don’t have to worry about rust in any weather conditions and our wear items such as pin bushings and pipe bushings are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene to help make your investment last for years. Our padding and corners (available in both white and black) are designed to safeguard both the watercraft and the dock from damaging effects of impacts. Contains maximum ultra-violet ray protection and are fungus resistant. Provides angled columns and air cushioning to absorb impacts is extremely flexible and highly weather resistant to last for years to come.

To keep your boat safe and secure we use a super strong glass filled nylon cleats. Overall, we offer the best quality dock using the best quality components, we choose products made in the United States each and every time.

We invite you to visit our manufacturing facility and see the firsthand how each dock meets our unique specifications.

Our dock units feature double (top and bottom) corners to protect your watercraft.
All welded construction starts in our jig. Our docks are welded top, bottom, inside and out.
Our finishing shop, this is where your dock starts to look like the custom dock you order.
Hand-built by expert craftsmen from start to finish.